July 16, 2015

Summer is Upon us!!

Temperatures are rising and boy is it HOT!! Our Southern California weather is bipolar lately. Which is ok for me I love the summer rain. We are starting to push out some new style dresses soon. With some weather permitted dresses as well (long sleeve) Even though it is hot almost here until October. Us ladies like to school shop buying for Fall and Winter. Last year, I bought all long sleeved and warm clothing for school! Guess what?! They weren't even able to wear was too HOT! So don't hesitate to purchase a ruffle romper in September..cause guess what it will be hot! I hope your summer festivities are rememberable and safe. Happy Thursday


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June 01, 2015

Royal Crowns is joining us!

We are excited for this new conversion to happen. Managing two websites was getting tough so we decided to convert the two. We originally started this line with BOYS ONLY clothing!! Wanting to make hip boy wear for all sizes. We are now going to combine the two and create some pretty rad stuff. We will be adding lots of new product soon. Head over to our FOR HIM Collection to see whats new!

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April 28, 2015

Urban Living Starts Young- By: Sara Mackenzie

Love this blog post by: Sara Mackenzie

Boosting blog readers to shop organic and local is my kind of reading. They decided to do an adorable photo shoot

with freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Sweet Penelope is wearing our new Capri Blue romper just released today. Head over to Sara's blog to look at all the adorable pictures.

here are a few pictures from the shoot below

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April 25, 2015

La Monique in Guatemala

One of the most rewarding thing to me is to be able to Give. I have always been notorious for giving
from my wardrobe or what ever I had, when someone commented they liked it. Even if they were my favorite Ugg pair of boots ha! 
Gina Lee from Gina Lee Photography Redlands, CA. Asked if I would donate to their stash of goodies
they were going to take to a Village in Guatemala. I felt honored to be able to participate in their mission. 
Just wish I could have gone myself. A few Photographers went out there for business and were able to open their hearts to give a little piece of the US to them. Hats off to those ladies that blessed the Villagers of Guatemala
Below is just a few shots of some happy little princesses that received our gifts.
Job well done!
Monique B.

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